Simon Kjær's last appearance with AC Milan
News · 25 May 2024

Simon Kjær's last appearance with AC Milan

After 4.5 years Simon Kjær said goodbye to AC Milan. After the final match of the season, against Salernitana on 25 May 2024, he was honored. He spoke to the fans. And cried some tears.

Simon Kjær speaking to the fans

Simon Kjær: "I want to thank everyone. It's not easy for me to stay here and speak Italian. I want to thank the club, the coach with his staff, you fans who bring me joys that I didn't know could exist in the world of football. My feeling for this club is the same as when I go to the national team and I have been there for 15 years. Four years, we became a family. The last group, this one, kept me entertained every day. Every day when I went from Milan to Milanello, seeing the mountains behind was one of the greatest joys of my life. Thank you all."

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