Simon Kjær likely to renew contract with AC Milan
News · 17 January 2024

Simon Kjær likely to renew contract with AC Milan

It is very likely that Simon Kjær will stay with AC Milan for one or two more years. Currently, he has a contract until 30 June 2024, and renewal is the most likely scenario. Thanks to his outstanding performance, experience and leadership skills, there is no reason to end his contract any time soon.

Unfounded rumours about Simon Kjær leaving AC Milan

The January transfer window traditionally leads to many speculations about significant football players, which is thus the case for Simon Kjær. The Italian paper Corriere della Sera wrote on 17 January 2024: “Pioli's defense needs to be fixed, considering that Kjær will not have his contract renewed.” This was instantly misinterpreted my many media as if he is leaving AC Milan.

It's only speculations from Corriere about Simon Kjær leaving – which is however a very unrealistic scenario. They don't mention an official source for their assumptions, so there is no reason to think that this will actually happen.

Sky Sport wrote: "In June Milan will most likely say goodbye to Kjær." But once again, no source was mentioned. Which leaves us with unfounded rumours.

Simon Kjær of great value to AC Milan

Simon Kjær’s added value to the team has been clearly visible: his great defending skills, experience and leadership qualities. Gazzetta dello Sport wrote this about him, after the match against Sassuolo on 30 December 2023: "Position, experience and charisma. The Dane conveyed serenity to the entire department and also lent a hand with the setup."

After the match against Roma on 14 January 2024 they said about Simon Kjær: “Wisdom of an expert: he gets a yellow card to prevent Belotti in the area. Youthful shot: the header for Giroud. The theory is confirmed: when he plays, Mike Maignan is more relaxed."

Only 2 goals conceded in 5 matches while Simon Kjær was playing

When looking at the facts, Simon Kjær’s Serie A statistics are impressive. After his return on 17 December 2023, he played 5 Serie A matches, and was in the starting lineup every time. AC Milan conceded only 2 goals while Simon Kjær was playing:

Vs Monza 0
Vs Salernitana 1
Vs Sassuolo 0
Vs Empoli 0
Vs Roma 1

Simon Kjær brings vibes to the team like only he can. Defense is in safe hands when he’s on the pitch.

More about Simon Kjær’s probable renewal with AC Milan

At this point, the road seems clear for Simon Kjær’s contract with AC Milan to be renewed with one or two more years. It hasn’t been confirmed or denied by official sources, but it is likely that he will stay. Many times Simon Kjær has said that he wants to end his career with AC Milan and that he has no intentions to retire soon, because he feels fit and he loves football and AC Milan more than anything.

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