Simon Kjær back against Olympique Marseille after 8 months
News · 31 July 2022

Simon Kjær back against Olympique Marseille after 8 months

Simon Kjær played his first minutes during the friendly match between Olympique Marseille and AC Milan after his heavy knee injury. In the 74th minute he entered the pitch. As the captain of AC Milan, since Calabria was substituted. Welcome back Simon. We missed you.

Simon Kjær on the plane to Marseille

Simon Kjær travelled with the AC Milan squad to Marseille, France, in the morning. At that point it wasn't certain whether he would play, because he also flew to Hungary, but didn't play the friendly matches against Zalaegerszeg and Wolfsberg.

Simon Kjær on the list

Simon Kjær wasn't on the starting XI, but his name was on the list.

Simon Kjær plays against Marseille

In the 74th minute, finally Simon Kjær stepped foot on the pitch. As the captain, since Calabria was taken off. Let's have a look at the pictures. The best pictures you have seen the past 8 months. Simon Kjær is back.

Simon Kjær wanted to be ready for the new season. And he did it. He has been working insanely hard. He did all he could and more. And that's why he is an inspiration to so many people. Welcome back, Simon. We missed you. Terribly.

Worth mentioning, AC Milan won with 0 - 2. Check out all upcoming fixtures.

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