Simon Kjær might not play against FC Köln
News · 13 July 2022

Simon Kjær might not play against FC Köln

Although Simon Kjær is back in training with AC Milan, it is uncertain whether he will play the friendly match against FC Köln on Saturday July 16, 2022. There hasn't been any official news from AC Milan yet, but let's have a look at what some sources say about our favourite defender.

Simon Kjær "will not be called up"

The Italian journalist Pietro Mazzara posted this on Twitter: "Simon Kjær will not be called up for Saturday's friendly against Cologne. Mere choice to make him continue his work program. The goal is to be 100% ready and safe."

Mazzara works for and Tutto Sport. It is sad but true that this is a reliable source.

There was a little more on "Simon Kjaer will not play Saturday's friendly at Cologne. The Danish defender will continue his training program in order to be 100% ready over the next few weeks as the most important thing is presence in the squad list for the match against Udinese. MilanTv reported it."

According to this, it was a statement by MilanTv. Which would mean: it is true.

"Not called up" sounds like: he will stay home. This would also mean: Game over to Project Jersey. More about that later, but first, what else do we know?

Simon Kjær was supposed to play in Germany

A few days earlier, on July 11, 2022, there was a post on Twitter mentioning this from the Italian newspaper Gazzetta: "Simon Kjær is training with his teammates and will play the first few minutes in Germany after rupturing the anterior cruciate in his left knee."

That was great news, but now it seems that we started celebrating too soon.

Simon Kjær didn't play the friendly match against Lemine Almenno

Today AC Milan played its very first friendly match at Milanello, against Lemine Almenno, but Simon wasn't there.

Again has published something about this: "The presence of the Dane, according to what we learned from our editorial team, was not foreseen for today's race. The number 24, in fact, continues his work in view of the next more probative commitments."

Just for the record, the editorial team of finds the match against FC Köln very probative. For what it's worth.

What else do we know?

Okay. On the one hand it would make sense for Simon to play some minutes in order to start the season well-prepared. On the other hand, after his injury break, he might need to work a bit longer on basic fitness than the rest of the squad. After all, his goal is not to be ready now for the friendly matches, but when the Serie A starts.

What about Project Jersey?

No Simon, no jersey. Which means game over to Project Jersey. I'm going to the friendly match against FC Köln and created a banner to ask for his jersey. Which seemed an impossible mission from the beginning. And it has become even more clear now: It is not going to happen.

That was it. Stay tuned for more news.

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