Simon Kjær and AC Milan suffer 0-3 Supercup defeat
News · 18 January 2023

Simon Kjær and AC Milan suffer 0-3 Supercup defeat

The Supercup final didn't turn out well for Simon Kjær and AC Milan, as they lost 0-3 against Inter. Simon Kjær was in the starting lineup and played until the 63rd minute. In the post-match interview he said very inspirational words, so check it all out.

Simon Kjær before the Supercup final against Inter

Simon Kjær and AC Milan manager Stefano Pioli before the match against Inter.

Simon Kjær Supercup 2023 pictures

Check out these pictures of Simon Kjær in action against Inter.

Simon Kjær closeup

Simon Kjær played 63 minutes in the match against Inter. From the bench he watched the remainder of the match.

Simon Kjær Supercup post-match interviews

When AC Milan loses, Simon Kjær usually has to do the talking. And once again he showed that he's the leader of the gang. Listen to his inspirational words.

And another interview with Simon Kjær. This one's from Sport Mediaset. Read the English translation below, thanks to Emanu for translating once again.

Simon Kjær: "It's really difficult for to me to stay here and start to explain technical things, because I haven't seen the goals yet, we need to see them again and also a lot of other things and then do an analysis of everything with the mister and his staff, but today it wasn't enough."

"I am really sorry about that, I say sorry also in behalf of the team, but we never give up. We need to start again and to find all the strength we need to start again."

Gazzetta dello Sport praises Simon Kjær for showing leadership

Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport refers to Simon Kjær's inspirational interview as "Leader Kjær's words" (Parola da leader Kjær).

What's next?

Right after the match the squad flew back to Milan. The next match will be on Tuesday 24 January 2023 against Lazio at 20h45. Check out all fixtures.

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