Simon Kjær first training session with Milan on July 4, 2022
News · 4 July 2022

Simon Kjær first training session with Milan on July 4, 2022

It is a memorable day because Simon Kjær joined Milan for the first training session of the season after being away for seven long months. There's a lot that happened today, but most importantly: Simon Kjær is back. And he is happy.

Simon Kjær arrival at Milanello

Training started at 11 am and sources say that Simon Kjær was amongst the first to arrive at the Milanello training facility. And he looked sharp.

Simon Kjær training session

During the training session he led the way as can be seen in the video below. The commentator says: "Simon Kjær really is a leader and he has shown that by leading the way on the training ground. You can see just how excited people are to see him. You can see that expression on his face. How excited he is to get back out there. He has of course trimmed his beard. It's much shorter facial hair than we saw him come the end of the season."

"He is still wearing a little bit of strapping around his knee and of course he will gradually increase his workload on the comeback trail from that knee injury. "

Simon Kjær interview during first training session

What does Simon Kjær say about his first training session after such a long time? Check out this amazing interview.

Here's the full interview, fully translated by Emanu. Many thanks for that!

Can you feel the will to lead this group once again?

Simon Kjær: "Absolutely, I've been waiting for this moment for 7 months now, I'm very happy to be here with the guys and starting to play football again. I'm very happy."

And now the most important question after all this time, how do you feel now?

Simon Kjær: "I'm doing good, I've been working a lot 'til now, but I still have a lot of work ahead. Physically, I'm feeling well, I've spent a few holidays with my family, but it was a very different vacation with the only goal in my head: coming back here to Milano to start playing again. Yes, I'm very happy to be here."

I saw you going after the GPS data right after the match training, are you already in the championship modus: very focused, do you want to see already how the situation is from a GPS point of view?

Simon Kjær: "I spent 4 months with those data and numbers, I know where I have to be, which numbers I need to have, and step by step to grow physically but also mentally, it's really important to have those numbers, knowing where you are and so. Being the first day, it was a very good job."

"I spent 4 months with those data and numbers, I know where I have to be, which numbers I need to have."

- Simon Kjær

Is it good to start again with the scudetto on the chest?

Simon Kjær: "Well, I think we're all very happy for the scudetto, but that also cause pressure for us all, we aim to do the maximum and to do that we have to continue working, we won last season but as I said already last year too, we need to do better and we have to do the same in this season too you used the word "pressure": we really like that cause it means the expectations in the group are very high Absolutely, we are Milan, we won scudetto, it has to be like this."

Simon Kjær and Daniel Maldini during today's training session.

Simon Kjær on social media

Simon Kjær was on social media today, which is news itself.

First of all, Simon Kjær responded to the terrible shooting in the Copenhagen shopping mall. Simon Kjær: "All my thoughts go to the victims of the shootings and their relatives."

It is absolutely inhumane to move on from that terrible shooting to today's happiness. And I have no clue how to deal with that. But let's just proceed and grieve at the same time. If that is even possible. I don't know.

Anyway, we saw happy Simon today. And that also shows from his second post on Twitter.

Too much Simon Kjær

Is that even possible? There is much more apart from all of this. But this were today's highlights for sure. If there's anything that you need to see, it will be added to this page. So stay tuned anyway.

One final thing about Simon Kjær today

Apart from today's training session, there were rumours that Fiorentina has shown interest in our defender. Totally understandable, but he's not on the market. Sorry, guys.

And any news about Project Jersey? The banner is far from ready, but the friendly match against FC Köln is on July 16 so that means there's still plenty of time to finish it. The mission: To get Simon Kjær's jersey.

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