Simon Kjær training session with AC Milan on July 5, 2022
News · 5 July 2022

Simon Kjær training session with AC Milan on July 5, 2022

After that exciting first training session, today Simon Kjær continued with the next one. Furthermore, AC Milan signed Divock Origi, who was Simon Kjær's former teammate at Lille. And there's some more footage and fashion from yesterday. Ready? Let's go.

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Before we proceed, a little throwback. Yesterday Simon Kjær arrived at Milanello for Milan's first training session of the new season. And he looked sharp. There was some great training footage and an even greater interview with Simon Kjær. We almost had to quit our jobs to process all things Simon.

Simon Kjær second training session

According to AC Milan, the Milan players met at the training ground for breakfast. Which sounds good. There was a lot of training inside the gym. It is sad but true that they didn't publish any pictures of Simon Kjær's workout at the gym. After breakfast and gym, they went outside and voilà there was Simon.

On this picture we can see Simon Kjær running next to Daniel Maldini, who coloured his hair. Apparently, he loves blond hair as much as we do.

Furthermore, Simon Kjær got rid of the annoying knee strapping. During the previous training session, he was struggling with it, because it didn't stick well. So, we asked for some decent knee strapping today, which some of you may have noticed on Instagram! But he got rid of it entirely.

Simon Kjær & Divock Origi

Today Divock Origi signed with AC Milan and guess what, he was Simon Kjær's former teammate when they played for Lille. Look at the following picture from 2015.

We look forwarding to seeing them celebrating as Milan teammates, like they did before with Lille in 2015. Watch this:

Simon Kjær is back

As promised, some more footage of yesterday's first training session that you need to see. First of all, this picture outside Milanello.

And the sweetest ever GIF of Simon Kjær waving.

Watch more Simon Kjær GIFs.

Simon Kjær's red football boots

During Monday's training session Simon Kjær wore these fancy red football shoes. To be more specific, Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Elite FG Blueprint. Read more about Simon Kjær fashion and football boots.

AC Milan announced the following training session on Wednesday morning. That was it for today.

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