AC Milan training session Simon Kjær on July 6, 2022
News · 6 July 2022

Simon Kjær training session with AC Milan on July 6, 2022

According to plan, another training session with Simon Kjær took place on July 6, 2022. In this third training session we saw Simon Kjær together with Daniel Maldini again. Furthermore, there's a water drinking story and a close-up picture that you need to see.

Previously on Simon Kjær GIFs

Just a quick reminder about what happened before. On July 4, 2022, Simon Kjær arrived at Milanello together with many, many fans. A lot was going on, because it was Milan's first training session of the new season. The next day we saw Simon Kjær got rid of the annoying knee strapping and he did some more training on the pitch. I has become clear that our favourite defender is back.

Simon Kjær third training session

Today more running pictures! Simon Kjær was seen next to Daniel Maldini again. These two certainly have things to discuss. And we're pretty sure that Maldini learned a lot from Simon.

Simon Kjær drinking Acqua Lete water

Today was obviously sponsored by Acqua Lete, the Italian water brand. Many pictures were published of Milan players drinking Acqua Lete. In August 2021 AC Milan and Lete announced a new partnership and apparently today it was time for some publicity.

Simon Kjær close-up

What's better that seeing Simon Kjær from a distance? A close-up picture! Here it is.

He's the best looking footballer, which was once again confirmed.

Simon Kjær EURO 2020 Throwback

The Simon Kjær EURO 2020 Throwback on Instagram is going well, since Denmark has just beaten Czech Republic. Through to the semi-finals.

Dit bericht op Instagram bekijken

Een bericht gedeeld door Simon Kjær GIFs 🇩🇰 (@simonkjaergifs)

Simon Kjær Project Jersey: How is it going?

One last thing to conclude with: Project Jersey. I'm creating a banner (how original) to ask for Simon Kjær's jersey during the friendly match between FC Köln and AC Milan on July 16, 2022. A fun but impossible mission for sure.

The main text will be in English, but my friend and translator Randi helped me with the Danish translation of 'Can I have your jersey?' which is 'Må jeg få din trøje'. I'll keep you posted (and entertained) about Project Jersey on Instagram and on this website of course.

AC Milan has announced that the next training session will take place tomorrow morning. So, after six months of nothing, there's finally lots of excitement to look forward to.

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