Simon Kjær training session with AC Milan on October 19, 2022
News · 19 October 2022

Simon Kjær training session with AC Milan on October 19, 2022

Simon Kjær is back in business with AC Milan after an injury he suffered earlier this month during the match against Empoli. It is expected that he will be ready to play the next Serie A match against Monza or the next Champions League match against Dinamo Zagreb.

Simon Kjær training pictures

After lots of recovery work, Simon Kjær rejoined the group on 19 October 2022. He got injured on 1 October. Let's have look at today's pictures.

What happened while Simon Kjær was away?

Quite some things actually. He watched the match against Juventus in the San Siro stadium on 8 October 2022. Which looked like this.

On 9 October was the UEFA EURO 2024 qualifying draw. Denmark is in Group H together with: Finland, Slovenia, Kazakhstan, Northern Ireland and San Marino. The qualifying matches begin in March 2023.

Simon Kjær said this about the draw: "It's a good draw. We're not just going to the European Championship, we're going to win the group. We are favourites and we have to take that on and be proud of it. We have respect for all opponents, but we believe in ourselves. Now it's about qualifying for the European Championship, and we have to do that from this group."

And of course there was the magnificant Off-White fashion campaign starring Simon Kjær on 11 October 2022.

What's next?

On Saturday 22 October 2022 is the match between AC Milan and Monza and on Tuesday 25 October is the Champions League match away against Dinamo Zagreb. Check out the full fixtures list. However, we don't know when Simon Kjær will play. Furthermore, we're counting down to the World Cup in Qatar.

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