Simon Kjær and AC Milan win 0-4 over Napoli
News · 2 April 2023
Updated: 3 April 2023

Simon Kjær and AC Milan win 0-4 over Napoli

Simon Kjær and AC Milan blew away Napoli with 0-4 during the Serie A match on 2 April 2023. An amazing victory. Simon was in the starting lineup and played an excellent match. Fun fact, AC Milan will meet Napoli twice more this month for Champions League matches.

5 things to remember from the match against Napoli

1. Suits look the best when worn by Simon Kjær.

2. Simon Kjær is the one and only captain.

3. Simon Kjær ate Giroud for diner.

4. Simon Kjær is the best.

Source: Driven Football

5. Milanello does sleepovers.

AC Milan: "Returning from Naples during the night, the team stopped to sleep at Milanello where they immediately resumed training given the close championship match."

What's next?

AC Milan's next match will be against Empoli on Friday 7 April 2023 at 21:00. Check out all fixtures.

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