Simon Kjær stars in Off-White fashion campaign
News · 11 October 2022

Simon Kjær stars in Off-White fashion campaign

Simon Kjær poses in the new off-pitch formal uniform, as was revealed by AC Milan and luxury fashion brand Off-White. It looks great and by buying an item you contribute to Fondazione Milan, AC Milan's charity foundation. Minor issue, it is so expensive that you will need to win the lottery first.

Simon Kjær wearing the Off-White formal uniform

Yes, it's called a formal uniform, because it's certainly not a suit that normal people can afford. The good thing about the campaign is that Off-White had access to the best looking footballer Simon Kjær to wear the uniform. He looks absolutely amazing in this picture.

The uniform has a red tag "with a pledge selected by its wearer". Simon's tag says: "Support sport for change". That's beautiful.

Where can you buy Simon Kjær's Off-White formal uniform?

If you like to buy the uniform, we can tell you this. First of all, it is not (yet?) for sale in the Off-White webshop. Second, it will probably be so expensive, that you won't be able to buy it anyway. Unless you belong to the rich and famous.

Just for your reference, another special item is the Off-White C/O AC Milan Varsity jacket, which is available for € 3.450. The comments to the Off-White Varsity jacket are hilarious:

- € 3.450, is the football player included? (Instagram comment)
- Guys if we pitch in €2 each we could probably afford one of those Off-White Milan jackets. (Twitter comment by @fikayo_sophori)

Off-White campaign: the verdict

Apart from some minor issues, we can say that overall it's a great campaign, because Simon Kjær is in it.

Previous fashion campaigns featuring Simon Kjær

In 2021 AC Milan had a partnership with fashion brand Harmont & Blaine. Simon Kjær wore Harmont & Blaine on several occasions. You can see him this picture with Alexis Saelemaekers.

Currently, our favourite fashion model is recovering from an injury. We're looking forward to seeing Simon Kjær back on the pitch soon.

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