Simon Kjær criticises FIFA for One Love armband ban
Qatar · 22 November 2022

Simon Kjær criticises FIFA for One Love armband ban

After the World Cup match between Denmark and Tunisia Simon Kjær was asked about the One Love armband, that has been banned by FIFA. He was not allowed to wear the anti discrimination armband and risked a yellow card if he had worn it.

Simon Kjær: "It's completely ridiculous"

Simon Kjær, captain of Denmark: "I think it's completely ridiculous. I cannot understand that you can get to a place where you can risk getting a yellow card."

"We have never ever wanted to compromise on the sporting side, and we won't either. I can understand if someone says 'now take the yellow card'. But then I would like to see what they say if after five minutes there is a duel where I get a random yellow card - and then put the team and Denmark in that situation."

Had it not been worth it - to make a statement to the whole world?

"Do you think so? I am asking you. Do you think I should go on the field with a yellow card and then risk getting a red card after five minutes - at a World Cup? Put football aside. It has nothing to do with it. There are also coincidences in football."

"I think it's far too easy to stand and say that I should just go on the pitch with a yellow card."

Shouldn't these questions be directed to FIFA?

"Absolutely. They are the ones to ask the questions to. How can we end up in a situation where wearing a wristband we've played with before has sporting consequences? That's where the problem is."

"There can be no doubt about what our position is. I think we are all on the same page. But I have always said that we are not going to compromise on the sporting side."

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