Simon Kjær plays with One Love armband against discrimination
News · 20 September 2022

Simon Kjær plays with One Love armband against discrimination

During Denmark's two Nations League matches against Croatia and France, captain Simon Kjær will wear the One Love armband against discrimination. Simon Kjær states that he also wants to wear the same captain's armband during the World Cup in Qatar, which starts in November 2022.

DBU about Simon Kjær and the #OneLove campaign

Danish football foundation DBU says: "Football players and fans have one thing in common: the love of the game. With the #OneLove campaign, the Men's National Team will help unite and connect instead of excluding and discriminating. Simon Kjær therefore wears a special captain's armband for the two Nation League games."

Simon Kjær about the One Love armband

Simon Kjær: "I don't think it's entirely our decision whether we can be allowed to play with it at the World Cup, but if we are allowed to do so, we will of course also do it. But now it's primarily in these two games, and then we'll take the second one at a later stage."

About the message behind it, he says: "Actually, just that we go together as a group, as we have always done. This is the path we have always followed with the values ​​we stand for. Now various nations have come together on this, and of course we also support it."

"We had a few different talks about what we should do, and then I was asked if we would also be involved in this, and of course we said yes. What has been going on about the various things, I really keep to myself, but of course we support this like everyone else."

Simon Kjær One Love video

Simon Kjær said this in an interview with Danish channel DR Sport. Check out the video below and the English translation.

You have posed with a new captain’s armband. What’s behind it?

Simon Kjær: "Well, One Love. That we are all equal, equality and those things, which we have always stood for. So it’s something we have done collectively."

Is it something that should go into the final Word Cup round?

Simon Kjær: "We will have to see that. It could easily be a possibility. But there are also some rules, and someone decides who must also accept that. But above all, it is now."

There are already people who say a band is not enough. Are you ready to go even further?

Simon Kjær: "It is about where the critisism should be directed. If the critisism is against us, I don’t think you are informed. Because in reality it is not us who decide anything. Yes, I can wear an armband, and we do everything that is within our scope and influence. But the question must be directed elsewhere. It is like those who must be held accountable, and I can’t really help that. I can do what we do and play football. It’s what we do best and what we have to do."

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