Simon Kjær reaches 125 caps with Denmark
News · 16 June 2023

Simon Kjær reaches 125 caps with Denmark

Simon Kjær has played the incredible number of 125 matches with the Danish national team. His 125th match in the Danish jersey was on 16 June 2023 against Northern Ireland. Denmark won the European Qualifier with 1 - 0. Simon Kjær is close to break the all-time record of 129 matches for Danmark (Peter Schmeichel).

Simon Kjær celebrating 125 caps with fans and teammates

After the match, Simon Kjær spoke to the fans. And in the dressing room the team took some time to reflect on this memorable moment. Check out the video.

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Simon Kjær speaking to the fans

Simon Kjær at Parken Stadium after the match against Northern Ireland: "A thousand thanks. It's a privilege to be here with you, and I've had some of the greatest experiences in my career here. I’m excited like a little boy every time I go in here. Thanks a thousand times."

Christian Eriksen and Simon Kjær dressing room speech

Christian Eriksen: "Can I have two seconds? I have no voice left but we have a jubilee, Simon, if he has time. Before I say anything and there are so many times when you say something. There are some others who have to say something once in a while. So I can only say and seen from the outside for me who has been involved for so many years."

"How you have grown into the role of being captain of the national team and from that time when I joined. You keep growing and I have huge respect for that. But to play 125 games and run away from me... that's a joke... and I'll probably do everything to catch up with you. No again, I think it's so cool and I'm proud on your behalf. I think we all are. Huge congratulations."

Simon Kjær: "I had never ever hoped for or believed in reaching 125 national matches. And after what happened at the European Championship, I wasn't sure that I should continue playing football either."

"To stand here today with 125 national matches and now the race has left you (Christian Eriksen) it is very special. It is a pleasure to be with you every time."

Simon Kjær: "It has been a fantastic journey and I am incredibly proud of that. The steps we have taken along the way. And we have to take some new ones. I will do everything in my power to be here for as long as possible. And I have no intention of stopping any time soon. So you boys are going to get on my neck a little more. Also when we play out in the corridors and you, young lads, want revenge. You have to fight hard for that, because there I am at your back again. I love being here. Thanks a thousand times."

There was some inside joking, but what he was saying: when they play football in the hallway, the young ones try to win from Simon, but they can't. And if they want revenge, he warns them, that they won't have a chance. Something like that.

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