Simon Kjær's return - the day after
News · 1 August 2022

Simon Kjær's return - The day after

One day after Simon Kjær played his first match after his heavy injury, we continue celebrating. Watch the great interview with Simon. And check out the reactions to the return of the Danish king of defense.

The great interview with Simon Kjær

Right after the match between Olympique Marseille and AC Milan, Simon Kjær was interviewed by Milan TV. A great interview in which he speaks about his return after 8 long months.

What else did Simon Kjær say?

Simon Kjær posted on Twitter: "I am so happy to be back. Great feeling !! Thank you for all your support"

Reactions from AC Milan and the Danish national team about Simon Kjær's return

AC Milan posted on Twitter: "Things you love to see. Welcome back, @simonkjaer1989!"

The Danish national team Herrelandsholdet posted a comment to Simon Kjær's Instagram post: "Det er så godt at se dig tilbage på banen." Which means: "It's so good to see you back on the field".

Fan reactions to Simon Kjær's return

It is no surprise that the fans were overexcited to seeing Simon Kjær back on the pitch with AC Milan. Just a few reactions out of many:

- "Let’s go Simon! All rossoneri are happy to see you back on the pitch."

- "We are even more happier to see u again viking king."

- "You are my idol !!!, along with Maldini, I hope you return to the starting lineup."

- "Welcome back Boss - now let's get that World Cup."

What else about Simon Kjær's return

There's some footage of Simon Kjær's first steps on the pitch.

And a great picture of what we missed most the past eight months: Simon Kjær on the field with AC Milan.

So, that's all for now. If anything else pops up, we'll let you know.

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