Simon Kjær joins training session with Denmark and ends beard bet
News · 30 May 2022

Simon Kjær joins training session with Denmark and ends beard bet

Simon Kjær reunited with the Danish squad for the first time after his heavy injury. And with that the beard bet came to an end. Read stories from fans that attended the open training and watch the best pictures of Simon Kjær.

Simon Kjær trains with the Danish national team

As was announced earlier by manager Kasper Hjulmand, Simon Kjær joined the Danish national team for their training session in Helsingør, Denmark. Simon Kjær reunited with Christian Eriksen.

The Danish national team posted this: "There is always an absolutely fantastic atmosphere when the team checks in and meets the teammates. Everyone is looking forward to training and playing together again, and is so ready for the next four Nations League matches."

"Simon Kjær looked in good shape"

Some fans were lucky to attend the open training, even though they had to endure heavy weather.

Marianne attended the open training and said: "Simon was training with the squad. He looked in good shape. Kasper Schmeichel and him were training together."

Stine was also there and said this about the training session: "We arrived early and had found the perfect spot to watch the players arrive. And then suddenly - when we least expected it, Simon arrived. It felt so good to see him after those last six months of worrying about his knee. I was quick and asked if he would be okay with taking a picture with me. He was!"

"He was also kind enough to sign my AC Milan scarf! His exact words were: "Ja, selvfølgelig" (Danish for "of course"). I thanked him and said it was amazing seeing him back on the team and see him doing so well. And then he went across the pitch with the rest of the group. I'm so grateful he took the time for taking the picture and writing the autograph. It meant a lot to me. Thank you Simon!" says Stine.

Simon Kjær ends beard bet

And now that six months of recovery are over and he has rejoined the training session with Denmark, Simon Kjær put an end to the remarkable beard bet. After his injury in December 2021, he made a bet that he wouldn't cut his beard and hair until he is back.

Here are some first reactions from social media to Simon Kjær 2.0 without beard:

- "His beard is gone! YES"

- "I know quite a few people who’ll be happy he lopped it off"

- "Thank goodness the beard and start of the man bun he had going, is gone, he looks like our handsome Simon again."

- "I was into Viking Style. Why did you do that?"

- "Finally, the beard is gone."

- "No offense guys, but why so much attention to Simon's beard? It's just a beard."

Overall, we might as well say that Simon Kjær is the best looking footballer again.

How Simon Kjær made that six months schedule work

After six months of recovering, heavy training and treatment, Simon Kjær is ready for his comeback. Remember what Simon Kjær said in December, a few weeks after the injury: "I train 6 to 8 hours a day. I come to Milanello, I work at home." And in a recent interview: "If you have to make an exercise 20 times and you only do it 18 times, you're already falling behind."

This is what his physiotherapist recently wrote to Simon: "Despite the serious injury, you recovered in record time and are ready to defend the title next year captain."

Thanks to his extraordinary efforts, Simon Kjær made that six months schedule work.

Many thanks to Stine and Marianne for contributing.

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