Simon Kjær reveals what really happened with Denmark and AC Milan
News · 21 March 2023

Simon Kjær reveals what really happened with Denmark and AC Milan

Two issues that left us puzzled for a while: what happened with Simon Kjær during the Qatar World Cup? And why does AC Milan bench him? Finally, Simon Kjær answered those questions. The truth is revealing, but the good thing is, that right now he is in optimal shape.

Simon Kjær's mysterious World Cup injury

Simon Kjær, captain of the Danish national team, opened up to the Danish press on 20 March 2023 about what happened with him during the Qatar World Cup.

Simon Kjær: "I was hit by an injury during the first training session in Qatar. And at the time I thought it was something we could solve in a short time. But we couldn't do that."

"After the match against Australia, I went on holiday with the family. And I didn't really feel anything about the injury during the training I did on holiday."

"During the first training in Milan after the holidays, well, it was just there again. A frustrating period. I had worked for 11 months with one goal, and that was to be ready for the World Cup. And so was I when I got on the plane in Copenhagen."

"I still don't understand what it was and why I got it. "

Simon Kjær got injured during the first training session in Qatar

Simon Kjær revealed that he was "hit by an injury", which happened during Denmark's first training session in Qatar, on 16 November 2022. So, while he looked all smooth and hot, he was in fact injured on that specific day. That's terrible.

Simon Kjær couldn't finish the match against Tunisia

While everyone was talking about the One Love armband, the Danish captain was having physical issues, as we now know.

Even though he was injured, Simon was in the starting lineup against Tunisia, on 22 November 2022. However, he had to leave the pitch in the 65th minute. Denmark manager Kasper Hjulmand explained: "Simon Kjær left the match against Tunisia, where he felt a little bit in his thigh."

On the bench against France

Due to his thigh injury, Simon Kjær didn't play the World Cup match against France. After the match he said: "I strongly expect that I can play on Wednesday (against Australia - red.), otherwise I will go insane. That was also why I was spared today. We shouldn't risk it getting worse."

Not ready to play against Australia

But also in the next few days, the "little bit in his thigh" couldn't get solved. Some media were having a hard time believing that Simon Kjær was really injured. They said that he was benched, because he was outperformed by others. Simon Kjær couldn't play against Australia and confirmed after the match: "I don't play because I'm not able to play with my thigh."

And what's making it worse: He had just finished a heavy ligament recovery. He had worked extremely hard for many months, with one mission: to be back for the World Cup with Denmark. He put everything aside. And he did it. He was ready for the World Cup. In perfect shape. And then, this is what happened. A nightmare.

"I was hit by an injury during the first training session in Qatar."

- Simon Kjær, captain of Denmark

Simon Kjær reveals what's going on with AC Milan

Simon Kjær confirms that he has totally recovered from that World Cup injury: "I feel that my body has perhaps never been in a better place than right now." So, what's the reason that he's been benched ever since his great performance against Tottenham, on 14 February 2023?

This is what Simon Kjær says about AC Milan manager Stefano Pioli: "He's trying to give continuity to a new system, and at least I've got an explanation that I'm not playing. I have a good relationship with the coach, and he knows that I want to play."

"I feel fit and comfortable and I feel that I have proved it, but there is a coach who has to make some choices. You can sit down and get angry and offended about that, or you can use the time to train even more, respect the choice and support the team."

It's not much of a secret that Simon Kjær and Stefano Pioli get along very well. All that he says, displays his outstanding work mentality and tremendous loyalty to the team. This is exactly why he is a true inspiration to many of us. And will be.

"He's trying to give continuity to a new system, and at least I've got an explanation that I'm not playing."

- Simon Kjær about AC Milan manager Pioli

Will Simon Kjær play against Finland?

That's a question that has kept us busy. Until his interview with the Danish press, we would have said: no. Some were even surprised that he got an invite from Hjulmand. Now we know what's really going on. That he is perfectly fit. In better shape than ever before. Determined to lead his team. Determined to win big prizes.

We're fully confident to seeing him play on 23 March 2023 against Finland.

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