Simon Kjær and AC Milan win 2-1 over Sampdoria
News · 10 September 2022

Simon Kjær and AC Milan win 2-1 over Sampdoria

Simon Kjær played an excellent match against Sampdoria on 10 September 2022. It was his first full match with AC Milan after his heavy knee injury. The result? A 2-1 win for Milan. Check out the best GIFs from this match.

Simon Kjær against Sampdoria GIFs

An epic scene after Fabbri lost his notebook and cards. Simon Kjær is there to give it back.

Simon Kjær and Davide Calabria working on something.

Simon Kjær focus.

Rafael Leão got a red card early in the second half. Look how Simon Kjær and the others take care of each other.

Simon Kjær and Olivier Giroud celebrating. After Giroud scored a penalty.

Simon Kjær has got it all.

Simon Kjær interview after Sampdoria vs. Milan

After the match Simon Kjær said in an interview: "We have an excellent group, we are like a great family that wants to win." Watch the Sky Sport interview.

Simon Kjær statistics

Here's the official fact sheet of Simon Kjær's performance against Sampdoria, provided by FACTS Consultancy.

What's next?

AC Milan will play the next Champions League match against Dinamo Zagreb on Wednesday 14 September 2022 at 18:45h. And on Sunday 18 September 2022 is the match against Napoli at 20:45h. Here's the full fixtures list.

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