Simon Kjær shows appreciation to physiotherapist
News · 18 August 2022

Simon Kjær shows appreciation to physiotherapist

Simon Kjær showed his appreciation to his physiotherapist by signing a jersey. His therapists Tiago, Jimmy, and other medical staff helped Simon recovering from the cruciate ligament injury, that he suffered in December 2021.

Simon Kjær signs shirt for his physiotherapist Tiago

His physiotherapist Tiago received a signed Milan jersey with number 24. Apart from his signature, Simon Kjær wrote: "Always great treatment my friend." They also took a picture together.

And we've got a video of Simon Kjær signing that shirt. Which is pretty cool. Turn on your sound for the ultimate 'Simon Kjær autograph' experience.

Tiago and Jimmy: The legends who took care of Simon Kjær

Apart from Tiago, there's Jimmy, another physiotherapist that took care of Simon Kjær's treatment. On a picture from June 2022 we can see Simon and Jimmy together. Jimmy said this: "Simon is incredibly professional and has an insane drive and dedication. You don't have to push Simon, but rather keep him on a leash!"

"Simon is incredibly professional and has an insane drive and dedication."

- Simon Kjær's physiotherapist Jimmy

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It is no secret that Simon Kjær has been working insanely hard on his recovery. What else do we know about Simon Kjær's treatment by these two physiotherapists? In a recent interview by Sportweek, he revealed a bit more: "I had to get up at 8 in the morning every day to work until 8 in the evening: therapy, re-education, all alone with the physiotherapist."

Furthermore he said: "My physiotherapist lived with us for three months, he was with me five days a week." Which is quite something.

And after all this heavy recovering, Simon Kjær seems ready for the new season, which is of course a big achievement. He played his first minutes against Olympique Marseille on July 31, 2022. AC Milan's next match will be on Sunday August 21, 2022, away against Atalanta at 20:45. Will Simon Kjær play? That's of course the best kept secret as usual.

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