Simon Kjær statistics after his recovery
News · 5 November 2022

Simon Kjær statistics after his recovery

Simon Kjær conceded only 2 goals during his first 10 performances after his heavy knee injury. It's an incredible comeback. This once again shows that Simon Kjær is outstanding at organising the defence for AC Milan and Denmark.

Simon Kjær goals conceded

Milan and Denmark goals conceded this season while Simon Kjær was playing:

Vs Sassuolo 0
Vs Inter 0
Vs Sampdoria 1
Vs Napoli 0
Vs Croatia 1
Vs France 0
Vs Empoli 0
Vs Monza 0
Vs Dinamo 0
Vs Salzburg 0

So far, Simon Kjær participated in 6 Serie A matches, 2 Champions League matches and 2 matches with the Danish national team since his recovery. He got injured in December 2021 and returned against Sassuolo on 30 August 2022.

Many thanks to RYOmoha on Twitter for contributing.

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