Simon Kjær summer party 2023: The full story
News · 24 June 2023

Simon Kjær summer party 2023: The full story

Simon Kjær threw a two day summer party on 23 and 24 June 2023 to celebrate his 6th wedding anniversary with his wife Elina. Amongst the many guests was his friend and Danish teammate Christian Eriksen. Here's the full story about Simon's Sweet Summer Party.

Day 1: Simon Kjær ready to party

The party started at an Italian restaurant in the afternoon of 23 June 2023. One of the first photos that showed up, was the cover photo with Christian Eriksen and some of the restaurant staff.

What is Simon Kjær wearing?

Simon Kjær wore a Casablanca Tennis Club Icon shirt with matching shorts. His sneakers are Nike Dunk Low Lottery Malachite Green. Fun fact: he also wore a matching green watch.

Where did Simon Kjær throw his party?

Simon Kjær's party was in a restaurant near Lake Como in Italy. Which is a fairytale location for some good times.

Who were invited to Simon Kjær's party?

Amongst the guests were the one and only Christian Eriksen. And look at the bottom right, with the dark blue shirt and sunglasses, that's football player Viktor Fischer. Second in the bottom left is former football player Lars Jacobsen. Also Simon's agent Mikkel Beck was amongst the party people.

What happened during Simon Kjær's party?

What we know. That Simon danced. And that Christian Eriksen was on fire playing some rythm. Here you can see Simon's green watch by the way.

Day 2: Fancy pool party

Day 2 started with outdoor breakfast followed by a fancy pool party and dancing in the sun. After all the hard working, finally some time to relax. It is good to see Simon and Chris hanging out together and having a good time with family and friends.

What's next?

Hopefully Simon will take some more time off, which is the hardest thing ever for him. In one interview he said: "I have planned the first two weeks. I wonder if I will start my training again after I have taken a week off with the family." In July AC Milan will be back together - or what's left of it, with Ibra, Maldini, Brahim Díaz and Tonali gone. But we will support Simon no matter what. The squad will go to the US for summer matches against Juventus, Barcelona and Real Madrid. Check out all fixtures.

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