Simon Kjær visits youth summer camp in Sweden
News · 16 June 2022

Simon Kjær visits youth summer camp in Sweden

A youth summer camp in Sweden suddenly became the coolest summer camp ever, because Simon Kjær visited their training field. Apart from this special event, we've got updates about his recovery, his tattoos and AC Milan.

Goal keeper Simon Kjær

Yes, Simon Kjær is in Sweden! The football club that Simon Kjær visited, Årsta Fotbollsförening, shared several pictures on Instagram. On one picture Simon Kjær is standing next to someone from the club holding a Danmark scarf. And we found out about Simon Kjær's goal keeper skills. One picture shows Simon Kjær and several kids from the football camp, with the following message: "The winners of the penalty tournament where Simon Kjaer was the goalkeeper!"

Dit bericht op Instagram bekijken

Een bericht gedeeld door Årsta FF Officiell (@arstafotboll)

Simon Kjær in Sweden

After three days of training with the Danish national team, Simon Kjær wasn't seen anymore with the Danish squad during the Nations League matches. Which made us wonder: Where is Simon Kjær? This question was answered today, as he is spending some time in Sweden. And he smiles.

Simon Kjær recovery update

Simon Kjær's Danish physiotherapist has confirmed that he is well on his way back: "Our skilled physiotherapist Jimmy has followed Simon Kjær closely throughout the rehabilitation process after the serious cruciate ligament injury back in 2021.

Jimmy says: "Simon is incredibly professional and has an insane drive and dedication. You don't have to push Simon, but rather keep him on a leash!"

Jimmy and Simon's common goal from the start was to have him ready for the new season and use the time to optimize the knee, but also the rest of the body!" His physiotherapist posted this message on Instagram and the picture below.

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Een bericht gedeeld door ProTreatment (@protreatment)

Simon Kjær: AC Milan update

It is said that the AC Milan players will return from their holidays on July 4, 2022. Apart from the ones that played with their national teams, who will return on July 14. To our interpretation, this means that we will see Simon Kjær on July 4. AC Milan will play a friendly match against FC Köln in Germany on July 16.

What about the captain thing? According to La Gazzetta dello Sport and other sources, Davide Calabria will be Milan's captain next season. How does it work? Milan has chosen Davide Calabria as a captain because he is the one who has played the most games for AC Milan and also played in the Milan youth teams. They go by seniority in the club. This means that Simon Kjær is third. At Milan it has always been like this.

So, Simon Kjaer may not be Milan's official captain, but we know: He is the one.

This picture is from the match against Cagliari in which Calabria was the substitute captain for Alessio Romagnoli. Let's start using the hashtag #kjaercapitano again, which has been trending before. And which we need again.

"Let's start using the hashtag #kjaercapitano again, which has been trending before. And which we need again."


Simon Kjær tattoo news

We're almost there, but we need to share something about one of Simon Kjær's tattoos, that has been covered for a quite a while. It is good to know that the tattoo on Simon Kjær's left leg was finally revealed. Earlier we could see a tattoo of his first son on his right leg. On this picture from a training session in April 2022, we can see that he's got another child, presumably his second son, on his left leg.

Read more about Simon Kjær's tattoos.

Simon Kjær Holiday Vibes

We've had lots of fun with this special thing called Simon Kjær and the Danish Squad on this website. However, it lasted only 4 episodes until Simon Kjær disappeared from the Danish stage. May we now present: Simon Kjær Holiday Vibes. You have just read episode 1 and we're looking forward to more holiday stories featuring our favourite captain.

Many thanks to everyone who contributed.

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