Simon Kjær will leave AC Milan in 2024 when contract expires
News · 29 April 2024

Simon Kjær will leave AC Milan in 2024 when contract expires

Simon Kjær will officially leave AC Milan after the 2023/2024 season. After four years in which he did an extraordinary job, this chapter will end. He always looked happy with Milan. He has lived his dream there. This summer he will be free to go elsewhere to continu his career.

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Simon Kjær's agent, Mikkel Beck, confirms in an interview with Bold that the Milan adventure will end in a very short time.

- The contract expires this summer, and then Simon will leave AC Milan. There is no drama in this, and the parties part in good mutual understanding, says Mikkel Beck and elaborates:

- It is a natural farewell to a club where Simon has loved playing for more than four years - at a time that feels right. Many years ago, Simon told me that one day he wanted to play for AC Milan, and that dream came true in the most beautiful way. And in fact, Milan became the club where Simon has played the most matches, explains Mikkel Beck, who has worked closely with Simon Kjær since he left for Palermo in 2008.

No quick clarification
Simon Kjær can now move freely and freely to a new employer when he has to find a future club after the EC.

- For Simon, it is a perfect situation. He will play the EC this summer as Denmark's captain, and then he is transfer free. Actually, his position is that he would like to stand after the EC and be able to choose freely where the adventure should continue for him and his family.

- So I don't expect any quick clarification for Simon, just like Oliver Giroud, whose contract also expires - and where he has chosen to continue in the USA, points out Mikkel Beck.

- When Simon arrived at AC Milan, the club was below the middle of Serie A.

- His dream and ambition was that, with all his qualities as a player and manager, he could help bring the club back to where it belongs. To the pinnacle of Italian football and has managed to win a championship and to stabilize with top positions every year since his arrival. And to the top of Europe, where Milan reached the semi-finals of the Champions League last season, points out Mikkel Beck.

The football door is open
Now the football door is wide open for where the future will be spent. There are absolutely no plans for the career to stop now for the 35-year-old national team captain.

- I can confirm that there was interest from other big clubs this winter - as there always is for a player with Simon's qualities and international reputation, but Simon was only interested in playing out the season in AC Milan. It has given him many good matches since Christmas, when he came back from an injury - and he showed his class as a player and manager in those months with many great achievements in the club's best period this season, explains Mikkel Beck.

In the past, it has been reported that clubs such as Bayern Munich, Paris Sanint-Germain and Fenerbahce showed interest in Simon Kjær during the winter break.

- Right now Simon is injured, but he will probably be ready to be able to help his club end the season well and be ready for the EC, emphasizes Mikkel Beck

Simon Kjær is currently muscle injured. He played his last match for Milan on 14 April. Before the injury, he had a strong period from mid-December until after the international match against Switzerland.

The message from Mikkel Beck means that Simon Kjær is expected to be ready for the end of the Serie A season and not least for when the EC final round begins on 16 June with Denmark's first match against Slovenia in Stuttgart.

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