Simon Kjær will start against Sassuolo
News · 29 August 2022

Simon Kjær will start against Sassuolo

Credible sources say that Simon Kjær will be in the starting eleven in the match between AC Milan and Sassuolo on August 30, 2022. We double checked the sources and let us tell you this: you can safely tattoo this date on your arm. Here's what we know.

Sky Sport announces Simon Kjær will start against Sassuolo

If there was anything uncertain the past few months, it was the date of Simon Kjær's next match. Today it was in the headlines. Sky Sport says: "Pioli thinks of five changes, with Simon Kjaer who is ready to return to the field from the first minute together with Tomori."

Sky Sport journalist Manuele Baiocchini was the first to post the news on his Instagram story.

Quite soon it was all over the news that Simon Kjær would be in the lineup against Sassuolo, however there is a big difference between 'being ready to return' and 'to start from the first minute'.

In the following video you can see Manuele Baiocchini bringing the news. We double checked the story with him, to avoid any misinterpretations, but he assured that it is going to happen.

Also our Italian translator confirmed: "Sky Sport has two journalists who never fail with those kind of things, because they're in contact with the staff. If they say so, you can trust them. They're Peppe Di Stefano and Manuele Baiocchini."

Sky Sport even published the probable starting eleven on Instagram. Including the one and only. Simon Kjær.

Dit bericht op Instagram bekijken

Een bericht gedeeld door Sky Sport (Italia) (@skysport)

What can we expect from Simon Kjær?

If nothing crazy happens, Simon Kjær will play against Sassuolo. What do we expect? First, that he's there. Second, he has been working really hard on the recovery of his knee and his overall fitness. He looks stronger than ever before. So, we expect to see a viking. Lastly, he will probably not complete the full 90 minutes, since it is one of his first matches after such a long time.

Can we get the party started? It will only happen when it happens, but it seems to be written in the stars that it will. Tuesday August 30, 2022, 18:30h.

Many thanks to Emanu for contributing.

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