Simon Kjær wins FIGC award named after Davide Astori
News · 12 April 2022

Simon Kjær wins Italian Football Hall of Fame award

Interview: FIGC · Photo: Stockphoto

Yet another award for Simon Kjær on 12 April 2022, the Italian Football Hall of Fame award. It's an award dedicated to Davide Astori, the great Italian footballer who passed away in 2018 at the age of 31 after a cardiac arrest. Read the interview with Simon Kjær about the award.

Simon Kjær interview about winning the FIGC award named after Davide Astori

Simon Kjær: "I remember very well Davide on the pitch and of course I also remember his tragic end well. Both Pioli and my teammates have talked to me about him, I know that his death was shocking for all of Italy and for the whole world of football. It is a tragedy that still makes you sad, and that will do so forever. Receiving the award dedicated to Davide means a lot, it makes me happy and proud; for me it is an opportunity to honor his name."

Simon Kjær about Christian Eriksen

Simon Kjær about his support to Christian Eriksen during EURO 2020: "Some things and some moments of that day will stay with me forever. The main thing, however, is that now Christian is fine. That he is back with his family and on the pitch, and that he has resumed doing the thing he loves most, which is playing football. In those terrible moments we behaved like a real team, each of us did our best to help a teammate and a friend of ours. I must admit, however, that I have closed that chapter, and not even too much desire to talk about it again."

Simon Kjær: "When I was running towards Christian I had no idea, just like any of my companions, that he had had an arrest cardiac. The only thing I thought about was to reach him as quickly as possible and help him. I have learned that this is the most important thing. If you see something strange you have to act, and you have to do it quickly. In first aid, speed is crucial. Do what you can do, and do it fast, and then let a professional do it as soon as possible. That day we were lucky, because doctors and paramedics were really close."

Simon Kjær about playing in Serie A an Italy in general

Simon Kjær: "In Serie A I feel at home. I enjoyed playing in 'La Liga' with Sevilla, but when I had the chance to return to Italy I didn't think twice. And now, I say it with my heart, I am very happy to be at Milan. Sometimes dreams come true: I remember that many years ago, when I was still playing in Palermo, I told my agent that I would have loved to do it in Milan. And now here I am. I like Serie A, as well as many other things in Italy, which for me is now a second home. Food, culture, nature, people, and of course football as well. The Italian philosophy has always been close to miney, which is that of team play. We are all individuals, but we all work together as a group. Teamwork represents the tactical DNA of Serie A, we saw it last summer at the European Championship."

"The Italian philosophy has always been close to mine, which is that of team play."

- Simon Kjær

Simon Kjær about EURO 2020

Simon Kjær: "That triumph was the emblem of work and group ethics and the demonstration of what results it is possible to obtain through them. It was really impressive to see Italy win. On a personal level I was obviously disappointed by the defeat in extra time in the semifinals against England: it would have been wonderful to be able to face Italy in the final at Wembley, which has given me so much and which is my second country."

Simon Kjær about Italian footballers

Simon Kjær: "If I think of Italian players with an international profile, I cannot fail to mention Donnarumma, a fantastic goalkeeper with whom I was happy to share part of my experience at Milan. Also Verratti, who for me is one of the best three in the world in the role of him. And then I was always impressed by Chiellini, who is one of the best ever in the defensive phase."

Simon Kjær about coaches Kasper Hjulmand and Stefano Pioli

Simon Kjær: "I let myself be inspired by all the people I met along my path and, if we talk about coaches, right now I am very lucky to have the opportunity to work with Stefano Pioli in my club and Kasper Hjulmand in the national team. I have a great relationship with both of them, they are great technicians and great people, I try to learn from them every day and in every way. There are many figures who have been able to inspire me and I would also like to remember the technicians and people close to me during my youth in Denmark. They taught me the most important thing of all: that you always have to want to learn, grow and push yourself in all possible ways."

"I have a great relationship with both of them, they are great technicians and great people, I try to learn from them every day and in every way."

- Simon Kjær about his coaches Hjulmand and Pioli

Simon Kjær: "In high-level football, the challenge is always with yourself. I always try to think that today I want to be better than yesterday, and that tomorrow I want to be better than today. You always have to raise the bar, push yourself to the limit, keep hunger and desire, and put all your passion into trying to improve. In professional football, training is the key. The more and better you train, the more you will be able to improve and the better you will play on the pitch. I was told when I was 15-16 and believe me it's the truth. Commitment to training is the real secret."

"Commitment to training is the real secret."

- Simon Kjær

Earlier Simon Kjær won the Guardian Footballer of the Year award and the UEFA President's Award.

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