Simon Kjær Wins Denmark's Football Player of the Year 2021 Award
News · 21 January 2022

Simon Kjær wins Denmark's Football Player of the Year 2021 award

Simon Kjær was named Denmark's Football Player of the Year 2021 (Årets Mandlige Fodboldspiller). It was announced during the Danish TV show Sport 2021 on DR on January 21, 2022.

The award is another recognition after recent other awards he won, such as The Guardian Footballer of the Year award and UEFA President's Award.

Simon Kjær about the award

During the show Simon Kjær called the award "something that I am incredibly proud of". Watch the full interview with Simon Kjær during Sport 2021.

Simon Kjær also put a message on Twitter: "So happy to win the Player of the Year Award in Denmark. Thank you to my colleagues who voted for me. Great honour!"

Message from AC Milan to Simon Kjær about Denmark's Football Player of 2021 award

AC Milan responded to their great Danish defender.

Podcast Simon Kjær

Simon Kjær speaks in the Spillerforeningens Podcast on Spotify about many events that happened during 2021. We are working on the English translation, so stay tuned. Follow Simon Kjær on Instagram and get notified as soon as it is available.

What Simon Kjær said earlier about his nomination

Days before he received the award for Denmark's Football Player of 2021, Simon Kjær said in an interview: "I think at some point I have to sit down and I have to go through what really happened in 2021. So much has happened and there has been so much going on both with the club football and the national team, so it has been overwhelming, but at the same time also great to be a part of." Watch the full video with Simon Kjær.

Simon Kjær Denmark's Player of the Year 2009

Simon Kjær won the Årets Mandlige Fodboldspiller award earlier in his career, which was back in 2009. What does Simon Kjær say about winning this prestigious award? Let's go back in time and watch the video with Simon Kjær.

Read more about other awards that Simon Kjær won: The Guardian Footballer of the Year award and UEFA President's Award.

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