Simon Kjær wins scudetto with AC Milan
News · 22 May 2022

Simon Kjær wins scudetto with AC Milan

Simon Kjær has won the scudetto with AC Milan after the 0-3 win against Sassuolo on May 22, 2022. Watch him receiving the medal and the Serie A trophy. Read what he said to Danish tv. Celebrations with teammates and more.

Simon Kjær receives medal for winning the scudetto

Watch this great footage of Simon Kjær receiving the medal.

Simon Kjær says to Danish tv that he would have played if it were necessary

After the match, Simon Kjær was interviewed by the Danish channel TV2SPORT and this is what he said.

When will we see you back?

Simon Kjær: "The last four weeks my programme has been scheduled after how it went in the game in the weekend."

What does that mean?

Simon Kjær: "It means that I had gotten myself ready to play today. I don't think that the doctors wanted or wished the same. Luckily for them no one had been injured or quarantined.

Then I would have said that of course I was ready to play. I feel good!"

Does that mean you're ready for the Danish team as well?

Simon Kjær: "No, I'm not. Some things are more special. If I had played this game I knew the risk, but playing the Danish team in June would be risking too much - the "thing" in November. But if I SHOULD/WOULD have risked something it would have been for the game today. I feel good. I now have a month and half to two months to work on myself before the new season begins."

Watch the full interview Simon Kjær about Milan winning the scudetto. Many thanks to Stine from Denmark for sharing this.

Simon Kjær about winning the scudetto

After being crowned the winners of the Serie A 2021/2022, Simon Kjær posted on Twitter a picture of the squad receiving the Serie A trophy. "We are the champions", he writes.

Simon Kjær celebrating with teammates

Simon Kjær posted on Instagram a picture with his teammate Zlatan Ibrahimovic holding the Serie A trophy. "Sometimes Sweden and Denmark get along", he joked.

And watch this celebration GIF featuring Simon Kjær and Olivier Giroud. Good times!

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