Simon Kjær player picture · Armband issues
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Qatar · 17 November 2022

Simon Kjær player picture · Armband issues

▪ The Word Cup will start in 3 days
▪ Simon Kjær player picture
Simon Kjær armband issues
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Vote for Simon Kjær as the hottest footballer

Yes, an official vote by the Danish website SE og HØR. Vote here for Simon Kjær.

Simon Kjær player picture

Today the official player pictures were taken. Here's the one with Simon Kjær. It's beautiful.

Simon Kjær: "It's probably my last World Cup"

Simon Kjær: "It's probably my last World Cup. But again, I'm going to play as long as I can. I'm going to live my life and optimize everything I can. On and off the pitch. Until one day I have to put the boots on the shelf."

"But it's not because I have plans to do it for the time being."

"Before I was injured, yes. There I thought that it could fit very well with me being able to make it to the WC. But I've also just been injured and put things into perspective a bit. I'll take the fights that come. I know that Peter Schmeichel is not far away, but I also know how little it takes before you are out as long as I have."

"If I reach it, I'm happy and proud, then we can talk about it at that time, but right now I'm taking it in the somewhat boring football language one match at a time after the last 11.5 months."

"I know I'm singing on the last verse, but it also has to be a good last verse."

Simon Kjær's second training session in Qatar

Today was the second training session of Simon Kjær with Denmark in Qatar. The Danish national team Herrelandsholdet: "There is full focus on the match against Tunisia in five days, but there is still room for smiles on the training ground."

Post a message to Simon Kjær

Leave a message on the new messageboard to show your support to Simon Kjær and the Danish national team.

Simon Kjær armband issues

Simon Kjær wants to play with the One Love armband, but this has not yet been approved.

Simon Kjær: "It is still a good question, which captain's armband I should wear. We still haven't received an answer from Fifa, so no decision has been made."

"This is the way we were brought up. We will have to see at that time whether we choose to play with it or not. But first of all we have asked for permission to do so."

Simon Kjær's first training in Qatar video

DBU published this great video in which we can see Simon Kjær training with Denmark.

Some more of Simon Kjær's arrival in the hotel

New videos keep showing up. Check this one at 0:40.

The beauty of Simon Kjær

These beautiful pictures of Simon Kjær is what we start today's blog with. Thanks Stine for sharing these edits.

Simon Kjær World Cup blog

This is the World Cup blog of 17 November 2022 about Simon Kjær. Read the latest about the captain of the Danish national team. A huge thank you to everyone who contributed.

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