Simon Kjær and Denmark record World Cup song with Ankerstjerne
News · 20 September 2022

Simon Kjær and Denmark record World Cup song with Ankerstjerne

Denmark's World Cup song has been recorded on 20 September 2022. Danish singer and producer Ankerstjerne posted a video in which Simon Kjær and the Danish squad are singing together.

Danish producer Ankerstjerne recording Denmark's World Cup song

Danish rapper, producer and songwriter Lars Ankerstjerne has posted a video on his Instagram story which included the boys from the Danish national team. Unfortunately, there's no sound, but we still got to see lots of Danish players singing eagerly. Also Simon Kjær appeared to be having fun. They were recording the Danish theme song for the World Championship in Qatar.

Pay attention if you'd like to spot Simon Kjær. You can see him in the very beginning of the video. And later on as part of the choir.

Football players that have to sing - that's just so uncomfortable! In every way! Hopefully, the recording didn't take too long.

The story behind Denmark's new World Cup song

The story behind the song began in June 2022 when DBU asked the Danish fans to contribute with their experiences, feelings and love for the national team. DBU wanted to capture the feelings of the fans and put them into writing. They brought in a team of Danish songwriters and producers to help connect the dots.

Several well-known Danes have been involved in the process: Burhan G, Ankerstjerne, Nicolai Seebach and Jarl-Friis Mikkelsen. Fun fact: Jarl Friis Mikkelsen also wrote Re-Sepp-Ten which all Danes know. Also beer brand Carlsberg is behind the idea of this.

Let's proceed with a picture of Simon Kjær to digest all this!

There hasn't been announced a release date yet for Denmark's World Cup song featuring Simon Kjær. So, stay tuned.

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