AC Milan player outfits: The verdict

AC Milan player outfits: These are the results

Check out the ratings and comments about the players' outfits, during the AC Milan Fondazione Gala on 23 February 2023. Thank you all for sharing your (hilarious) thoughts.

Simon Kjær: 9,6

Verdict: 9,6
It's obvious that Simon Kjær is the hottest, no matter what. Apart from some minor issues, he was close to a perfect 10.

- Apart from the white polo shirt, the shoes and the long hair, he looks absolutely stunning.
- The shirt! Argh.. The shoes! Noo. The Man! Yesss...
- Thank god he got rid of that awful gilet thing he had on the red carpet, he's too handsome to wear that thing.
- Simon could wear anything and still look HOT.
- Change the shoes and you'll be perfect.
- Love his chelsea boots, he looks casual but elegant. Beautiful. Perfect. Stunning. The best man. Full stop.
- He is hot in everything.
- Hottest!!
- No matter what he wears, I honestly think Simon would appear hot anyway.

Theo Hernández: 6,1

Verdict: 6,1
Theo Hernández was dressed "okay" for the occasion, so to say. The shoes and the shirt were a thing.

- He should have tucked his shirt into his trousers.
- The shoes... No no...
- Too black.
- I don't like the shoes but he is okay.

Rafael Leão: 6,7

Verdict: 6,7
We know that Rafa loves fashion. He should have taken this opportunity to show that. Or maybe he's just more into casual fashion styles.

- I don't like the shoes and the pose.
- Too black. A red t-shirt will be nice.
- This outfits fits him well. He's looking great! You can definitely see that he loves fashion.
- He looks okay. He can do better that this. That watch looks good on him.

Davide Calabria: 7,2

Verdict: 7,2
Davide scored somewhere between okay and perfect. Based on the comments, he's definitely doing a great job.

- He isn't hot for me but great choice of outfit.
- The type of guy every mum wants for her daughter.
- Italians do it better! Great outfit!
- I think this jacket looks particularly fashion.
- Davide Calabria is always well-dressed.

Mike Maignan: 3,9

Verdict: 3,9
Magic Mike dressed up the comfy way, which was below average for the occasion. We think he stayed over for the night.

- Interesting look
- Was he sleeping??
- Posh Pyjamas party
- I love Mike he's a hottie too, but this fit is just a rich man pyjamas.
- Too boring

Olivier Giroud: 9,3

Verdict: 9,3
Let's give it up for Oli: What. A. Show. Give this man a pitch or a red carpet. No matter what the occasion is, he'll blow you away.

- I see no flaws here.
- All black, but all stunning.
- He's dressed the same as Theo, but on him anything looks 100 times better.
- Nothing to complain about.

Sandro Tonali: 6,4

Verdict: 6,4
Sandro Tonali's choice isn't bad, but it ain't perfect either. But yes, if he shows up like this, we would go to prom with him.

- He gives me school prom vibes, but he looks good.
- I don't like the shoes. The type of guy every mum wants for her daughter part 2.
- He could be better. But I like his white shirt.
- The jacket is okay, the trousers seem so wide. The sneakers were a great choice, but altogether it's just average in a way.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic: 7,6

Verdict: 7,6
Ibra knows how to dress up for a party like this. Because he knows everything. He is everything. Because he is Ibra.

- Well dressed and charming as usual.
- This is Ibra I mean. Perfect.
- Decent shoes.
- Stunning in black. Ibra is Ibra!

Alessandro Florenzi: 4,8

Verdict: 4,8
Spizzi seems such a kind guy. His outfit is not okay though. There is some room for improvement here. Let's put it that way.

- He forgot the shirt at the laundromat.
- No, no no....!!!!
- He is okay, but he seems not really impressed by himself.
- Posh and casual together. Good outfit for his personality.

Alexis Saelemaekers: 6,6

Verdict: 6,6
It's not easy to be perfect, when you're on the same carpet as Simon. Alexis certainly put effort into his outfit, but it's (only) a 6,6. We're so demanding.

- Alexis is a solid 10
- Very posh. Bravo Alexis!
- He should have chosen sneakers instead.
- It's okay. But I wouln't say perfect.

Fikayo Tomori: 8,2

Verdict: 8,2
Hello well-dressed man, Fikayo Tomori. Give us some fresh air please! He looks absolutely amazing in this pretty suit.

- Stunning! English or Italian style?
- 11 out of 10
- Elegant!

That's it. No surprise, Simon got the highest ranking. He is just the hottest. No matter what. Thank you all for sharing your thoughts. We can't wait for another red carpet event!