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Video Simon Kjær about criticism

Part 4 of 5

This documentary about Simon Kjær was broadcast in March 2021. This is part 4 of 5. What does Kjær think about criticism?

Kjær about criticism

Kjær: “It’s one of the examples I gave before, to the game with the ball, I have never ever seen it as a problem. And it's never been something anyone has pointed out to me at all the clubs I have played for. It was me who had to achieve something at all the clubs I’ve been with.”

“When I went to Germany, it was good to be on the team. However, we had a very difficult season. At times it was a question of whether I should play, or whether I should not play here on the National Team. My time in Germany was terrible and it also meant that for a period I had no desire at all to communicate with the press.”

Kjær: “You feel stepped on, you basically feel disrespected for what you do. And I also felt that during that period something hit me hard. I became very closed off and said: well then I just concentrate on myself. But I hired a media advisor, because talking to the press is part of my world. And it's something I'm obliged to do. I should also understand what is really going on, on the other side, and not just on my side.”

"I should understand what is really going on, on the other side, and not just on my side."

- Simon Kjær, captain of the Danish national football team

Kjær: “It has been a long process of reaching out to understand each other I think. And then I think the period after I became the captain, incredibly much has happened with the tone and I feel I get respected.”

This is part 4 of 5 of the documentary about Simon Kjær. Stay tuned for more. Follow Simon Kjær GIFs on Instagram to get notified.

Many thanks to Randi for the English translation.

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